Thanks Androdians - Keep on Shootin’!

It’s been a crazy month for Demiurge Studios. We launched Shoot Many Robots on the Google Play store with tons of positive feedback from players and media alike. Amazicool! Then, 100,000 gamers rolled into our backyard for PAX East in Boston. Wicked sweet! And, then there was the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, at which our very own Albert Reed gave a talk about Shoot Many Robot’s console/PC launch last year. Fan-freakin-tastic!

It has been a whirlwind, but now that we’ve had a little bit of time to reflect (and breathe), we wanted to thank our Shoot Many Robots fans for helping us obliterate nasty-ass toasters on Android. We hear your feedback and updates are coming that make the game better-and-better-and-better. Look for those in the near future and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. And keep on shooting!

We also want to thank our media friends for their support and shout-outs over the past month. What good is launching an awesome game if you can’t tell people about it? Nada. Below are just a few of the many stories that have appeared in the past few weeks:

Polygon “Shoot Many Robots’ Jump to Android, Starts Demiurge’s Push into Mobile”

Destructoid “Shoot Many Robots Now Available on Android” “Demiurge Studios Owlchemy Labs Bring New Shoot Many Robots Game to Mobile Platforms” “Apps of the Week: Shoot Many Robots – Simon Sage”

Boston Bastard Brigade “Kicking Arse and Killing Many Robots!” Review

Digital Noob “PAX East: Shoot Many Robots Mobile Hands On” “PAX East 2013: Shoot Many Robots” “Shoot Many Robots on Android – Hands On” “Shoot Many Robots Android Game Review” “Shoot Many Robots is a Game That Delivers on the Promise of Its Title” “Review: Shoot Many Robots Comes to Android” “Review: Shoot Many Robots Brings Side Scrolling Robot Shooting to Android”



Thanks Androdians - Keep on Shootin’!

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Jan 02 2014

Thanks Androdians - Keep on Shootin’! |  Shoot Many Robots


Feb 01 2014

When will the dlc come out for xbox? I have all but 8 things found and game is boring playing the same insane maps. When u beat the game it even says until the next dlc

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